Earth Crisis – Neutralize the Threat (2011)

Karl Buechner keeps the wheels of Earth Crisis running since 1989 – with a gap between 2001-2007 while he focused on his project called Nemesis and later renamed Freya -, using music as weapon to promoting a straight edge and vegan lifestyle, debating further social and political issues and supporting animal rights. Taking off from hardcore punk, Earth Crisis evolved into a metal machinery, getting to their sixth studio album, their mixture of metalcore and hardcore is heavier then ever, established a bridge between metal, hardcore and punk communities.
Earth Crisis’s message of human, animal and environmental liberation has resonated beyond the music industry, they have received national media coverage on CNN (Earth Matters), TBS, FOX (America’s Most Wanted), CBS (48 Hours), MTV (Music News) and ABC (World News Tonight) and Karl Buechner has spoken in front of members of Congress about teens and substance abuse.

With Scott Crouse and Erick Edwards on guitars, Ian “Bulldog” Edwards on bass and Dennis Merrick on drums, Karl Buechner delivered another groovy set of cutting, pumping and blowing metal/hardcore songs, dark and strong themes are mixed in a perfect flow of grinding or exploding tempos and riffs, delivering a perfect support for Karl’s strong voice and straight messages.
Classy and powerful, probably the strongest release of the band up to date, excellent work!

Track list:

01. “Raise”
02. “Neutralize the Threat”
03. “Total War”
04. “100-Kiloton Blast”
05. “Counterstrike”
06. “By Conscience Compelled”
07. “Black Talons Tear”
08. “Askari”
09. “The Eradicators”
10. “Raze”

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