Planningtorock – W (2011)

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Janine Rostron, Berlin based, London born, musician/conceptual-artist and record label owner, has been flirting with a wider audience via her LCD Soundsystem opening slot and become a frequent collaborator of The Knife. She’s back now with her second full-length album, “W” and her smooth, but gloomy explorations of tense rhythms and quite particular timbre keyboard, classic instruments and shady, electric and electrifying layers, floating vocals merged into her unique, sparkling sound.
Classically trained on the violin from the age of eight, Janine Rostron developed a passion for strings. That same passion can be heard in her infamous pizzicato bass styles with plucked string production blended perfectly with electric mix of barrelhouse boogie-woogie pianos, xylophone trills, honkytonk horn sleaze, bluesy growls and creepy coos.

“W” is a quite unique trip filled with expressive and soulful music, exciting layers and bright tunes, there’s a sort of strange but exciting tension, it’s spacy but vibrating, sparkling and unexpectedly sounds like nothing else. Janine Rostron find her own path, her own space and she share it with us once again. There’s no use to talk about it, it something to listen.

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