Muslimgauze – Beirut Transister (2011)

Based in Britain, Muslimgauze present themselves as staunchly supportive of Palestinian Arabs, although their are vaguely defined politically and focusing to altering beats, pulses, and samples in every way possible, bringing to the surface hypnotizing Arab percussion and mysterious fragments of Arab chants mixed with minimalist electronica. I always loved the untainted Arab/Eastern music, I love the pulse of their rhythms and the sparking harmonies of their melodies. Muslimgauze focusing mainly on the rhythms, but they have hidden a few spicy melodies as well and this “ethnic/electronic” and “world beat” mixture they delivering sounds deeply authentic.
Having a quite impressive discography , since 1982 Muslimgauze released over 200 materials, albums and compilations included.

This maybe is not designed for belly-dance, but actually you can shake your belly quite well on it. I quite enjoy it without dancing.

Muslimgauze – Official Site
Muslimgauze @ MySpace

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