Marc Broude – Psychological Warfare (2011)

Reminds me of Ministry, Godflesh, Schnitt Acht, Bail and other contorted oddities from the industrial metal area of noise aggression, Marc Broude comes crushing. Marc Broude (born August 23, 1984) is an American cross-genre composer who started in the Chicago-based noise outfit Panicsville in 2005. He has collaborated with a diverse array of artists and groups including Cock E.S.P., Richard Ramirez and Lasse Marhaug. In 2010 Broude and Tim Lash formed Sick Spider. In 2009 Broude released Rites of Zen, a seventy-two minute dark ambient piece similar to projects like Lull and Lustmord. Working independently of major labels, Marc Broude primarily records for his own label, NoZen Records.
“Psychological Warfare” was originally released in 2006 as a 50 piece limited edition 7” which became out of print and unavailable, it was digitally remixed and re-released in May 2011. Two tracks, “Psychological Warfare” and “God Smacker”, 11:33 minutes containing pumping, grinding, twisted, extreme and noisy, quality industrial metal.
“Psychological Warfare” sounds just like any good-old Ministry classic, cutting edge riffs, filtered vocals, pumping drums and sick noises populate the contorted soundscape while “God Smacker” is a slower grinding – low rider 😀 – piece, based on a flowing guitar riff, distorted voice and flavored with low frequency sounds and voltage-controlled oscillators.
This is a nice shot, we’re looking forward for a full-length album.

Marc Broude – Psychological Warfare @ Spirit Of Metal
No Zen Records @ Music Brainz

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