Lisabi – Au Diable Les Bananes (2011)

This year I had a few quite nice surprises from bands from Brazil. Most recently The Campbell Trio, in March I stumbled into MindFlow and The Tape Disaster, and there was a few others as well as I believe Sepultura once again delivered a consistent album again. So, Brazil rules, might be a dangerous place for strangers, but from the safe distance of my living room it’s something quite exciting about the world’s fifth largest country, about Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, the samba and the carnival, the girls and the music.
“Au Diable Les Bananes” migh be downloaded for free from HERE and Lisabi delivering a nice mixture of ska, jazz, punk and indie rock with exotic flavors and perfumes. Mateo Piracas on guitar and vocals, Sebastian Piraces on drums,  Gabriel Slenes on trumpet and vocals, Andra Cardoso on bass and vocals,  Matheus Fattori on guitars and vocals, and Anderson Kaltner on trombone and percussion delivered a vibrating, pulsing, colorful material.

Full of energy, excellent grooves, nice breaks and turns, horny horns, pumping drums, colorful vocals and good riffs, Lisabi will pull you out of any lethargy, it will make you jump, dance and scream, they blending perfectly all he shames which makes ska, jazz, punk and indie rock exciting, so, don’t hesitate, go and grab it!

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