Garage Days

Today it’s a nice, smiling Sunday. And I felt like I have to smile back. 🙂 So, I dig out some tracks that were send to me by Grigore (Oedip Piaf) with one of them songs: “Detentie” (Detention) , and I cut off Serban’s guitar track, I used some parts of it and other parts were re-sampled and I write a brand new theme for them, give life to a new song. 😀
It’s always exciting to work on something and re-arrange it to become something totally different, to give birth to another thing. That’s the reason why I – still – insist on my collaboration without frontiers idea. And the doors for it are still wide open.
“Garage Dayz” is kind of dirty, dusty blues rock song, I’m not actually into blues at all, but this one feels alright. 🙂

Have a nice day everybody!

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