DIY – Burn Studio

I just discover it – via Victor Love, thankx bro! – but it seems pretty fun and might be very useful for some interested in new experiences to create music. Burn Studio is an on-line audiotool to play and record music and make remixes of existing and shard track while you – obviously – can share your own stuffs. You can work with Beatbox 8, Beatbox 9 and Machiniste drum-machines, three synthesizers: Pulverisateur, Bassline and Tonematrix, all the useful effects including Tube, Stereodetune, Slope, Reverb, Pitchdelay, Phaser, ParametricEQ, Gate, Flanger, Delay, Crusher, Compressor, Chorus and Rasselbock using audio tracks, samples, midis and the tools you need: Splitter, Merger, Kobolt, Minimixer, Crossfader, Centroid. You can start from a new “empty project” or dive into one of the three existing templates, a Dubstep template by Infyuthsion, a Techno demo by Sandburgen or the Drum ‘n’ Bass demo by Cgman. I had some fun with the noisy Dubstep template for the beginning and I think it’s awesome.

Burn Studio Audiotool
Wiki Audiotool Help

Have fun and be creative!

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