Channel Zero – Feed Em With A Brick (2011)

Often referred to them as “the Belgian Metallica”, “Feed Em With A Brick”, the band’s fifth studio album comes after “Black Fuel” released 14 years ago, engineered and produced by Attie Bauw, a Dutch producer who worked previously with Fight (Rob Halford). Channel Zero split in August 1997.
Singer Franky De Smet Van Damme, drummer Phil Baheux and bassist Tino De Martino are back with full force while original guitarist Xavier Carion due to a traumatized ear will be replaced by Mikey Doling (ex-Soulfly). And “Feed Em With A Brick” is another classy, powerful and groovy metal album, fans will be delighted.

And these guys from Brussels knows what’s good about thrash and power metal, having all the cutting edge riffs, thundering drums and pumping basses, screaming vocals, they do not re-invent the steel as Pantera would say, but they play the good-old schemes with style and force, Channel Zero will blow the stages for sure at the summer festivals and not only there, so, it’s good to have them back.

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