13 & God – Own Your Ghost (2011)

Result of an over-sea collision, 13 & God returning with their second studio album and their pumping, flowing, floating cocktail of sounds and genres which reminds me partly of Massive Attack, but these guys blending and mixing into it from pop to indie and from ambiental textures to folk everything they can get their hands – and imagination.
The official story is pretty hazy: “somewhere outside of Toronto in early 2004, on a stretch of uninspired highway leading to the U.S./Canadian border, a computer onboard a large tour bus spontaneously combusted. Some point the finger at the driver (an aspiring reality show auteur), others blame a faulty battery, and most hold a small stuffed fox accountable. But however it happened, themselves and The Notwist were stranded. Dates were cancelled. Meals were skipped. Shady motels were booked in below-freezing weather. The fox was dead. It was the fifth breakdown of their joint tour series of minor disasters distant somewheres, a love was born of nervous laughter, shared admiration, axle grease and roasting circuitry.
From the balloon-and-burst child psychology of Adam “doseone” Drucker, Jeffery “jel” Logan, and Dax Pierson (collectively themselves), and the pinhole-in-paper astronomy of the Acher brothers Markus and Micha, and Martin “Console” Gretschmann (the core of The Notwist), emerge 13 & God.” (MySpace Bio)
The collaboration group between Weilheim, Germany-based The Notwist and Oakland, California-based Themselves, lead us into an universe of glowing and sparking sounds, mysterious textures and nice indie pop colors.
The band’s name stems from the concept of the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ forming a group that comprises 13 mortal men as well as God.
“Own Your Ghost” is an exciting trip into the unknown and unexpected. 13 & God shifting sounds and moods as most of us changing socks. Even frequently. But they do it kindly and softly, their music have some simple, but friendly charm. Imagine a collaborative work between Massive Attack and Eels for example and you might get pretty close to how 13 & God sounds like. Quite nice, actually.

13 & God – Anticon Records
13 & God @ MySpace
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