Seether – Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray (2011)

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“Fur Cue” kick off exploding with raw riffs, pumping energy like a furious Godsmack track and it sounds like any promising nu metal anthem. But in the very neck song, “No Resolution”, Seether settle down to some Stone Temple Pilots after-taste-like area and the rest of the album balancing between this (post) Pearl Jam and Stained marked genre of indie/alternative rock. “Tonight” sounds quite pop while “Country Song” brings some Southern tastes.
If you don’t know this band actually comes from South Africa, you can swear with your hand on your heart this is another specially for Billboard prefabricated American band. “Holding Onto …” is the fifth studio album by Seether while recently guitarist Troy McLawhorn had decided to leave the band.
We’ve got a couple of nice tunes, a few better riffs, some singable choruses and many-many cliches combined and recycled. “Holding On …” it’s not the worst album I had listen lately, just there’s nothing remarkable on it, it’s just a nice collection of already used and drained of themes, musical constructions and lyrics and actually I wonder if anybody is still interested in any of this.
On May 12, the entire album was leaked onto The Pirate Bay, five days before the planned release date.

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