Schedule Of No Plan – Oh, These Indistinct Years of You (2011)

This is the second EP made by Nick Steinborn from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and you can get both of them from his Bandcamp page. Just as he says, he “decided to write an album for the ..RPM Challenge”. Well, this is an interesting trip into the instrumental/experimental, math rock/post rock area of the music and Nick actually done a pretty good job, he wrote and recorded a couple of interesting themes and maybe the time is right to step forward and transform this solo project into a real band. As I said, these songs are a solid starting point to take off, the four new tracks sounds clean, congealed, gloomy ambiental layers and textures are overlapping some good guitar riffs, dark and heavy passages or subtle, smooth melodies. Dark, but sparking, this is a nice, refreshing trip.

Schedule Of No Plan – on Bandcamp
Schedule Of No Plan – on MySpace

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