Romeo Must Die – Hardships In Season (2011)

Merging classic thrash and hardcore rawness, Romeo Must Die, formed from the ashes of Stampin’ Ground – a band labelled as “a veteran force’ and the UK’s most credible and successful underground band of the last decade” – delivered a long awaited right step debut. “Hardships In Season” with some reminiscences of the too early disappeared Pantera, it’s a pulsing, pumping, crushing album fulfilled with brutal and cutting riffs, raw vocals and incisive rhythmic section. But being simply brutal it’s not quite enough, Romeo Must Die managed to write a couple of good themes and songs, they put together a groovy, powerful and colored material. Adam Frakes-Sime – vocals, Paul Fletcher and Aaron Darling – guitars, Ben Frost – bass and Will Romain – drums, despite their underground status and unwilling to make compromises, seems to find the perfect receipt of the powerful and unleashed modern metal and they looking further to overtake the throne.
And this 13 songs are full of nerve, high energy and killer grooves. Romeo Must Die sounds more American than Brit, but exactly this is what I like about them, they avoid the ravishing trendy cliches of the “post metal”/”alternative metal”  scene and delivered an almost classic and traditional metal album with all its values and most of all, without any emo/screamo bullshit.

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