Necro Facility – Wintermute (2011)

Swedish newcomers Necro Facility deliver another intense and intelligently built trip into the EBM taste-like dark electro music where Industrial-strength beats, heavy synths and twisted sounds which reminds me once again of the Front 242 standard and contemporary club music collide into a glowing, pumping construction made of intensity and musicality simultaneously. Oscar Holter – music and Henrik Bäckström – lyrics and vocals made another “Swedish quality” product, European roots and Canadian sounds of the industrial/EBM scene are merged smoothly into an exciting and colorful material released through Progress Productions.

10 tracks, good vibe, intense grooves and nicely built harmonies on a dense, but smartly arranged layer of synths with a few intense guitar riffs, “Wintermute” is an album to notice and remember, Necro Facility can set our nights on fire on the stage of any respectable club from now on. It’s something charming about this “Wintermute”.

Necro Facility – on MySpace

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