Enfermos Terminales – Enfermos Terminales (2011)

Except the name of Augusto Pinochet we really don’t know much about Chile, isn’t it? Shakira is Colombian and Hugo Chávez from Venezuela, dude! From Republic of Chile comes Enfermos Terminales. “Enfermos Terminales” meaning “hospice” and has been around the punk/hardcore scene since 1996. The band has released many EPs and splits and also has participated in countless compilations punk /HXC /DYS, etc. Over the years, Enfermos Terminales has shared the stage with bands like the raw, Fun People, Loquero, BBS Parade, Fiskales Ad Hok, among many others. It take a while the preparation of what seems to be their first album “official”, but we’ve got 15 intense track which covers the whole existence of the band. Founded in 1996 by Pablo Patán Cortés and Antonio Mery – both vocals – the band gain appreciation of the local and national scene. This is a noisy, classic hardcore/punk album, have a good and intense pulse, raw vocals, straight riffs. 15 aims, 15 head-shots. Nothing left to say, fans of the genre will love it unconditionally.

Enfermos Terminales – on MySpace
Enfermos Terminales – on Musica Popular


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