Catalepsy – Bleed (2011)

From Orlando, Florida strikes deadly for the second time Catalepsy. Formed back in 2004 and released their debut “Iniquity” in 2008, “Bleed” is the collection of their brand new 10 plus 1 death grinds. With passages that reminds me of Sepultura’s “Roots” (1996), this is a bloody, surprisingly brilliant album. Inspired and cutting riffs, pumping rhythmic constructions and shifts, raw vocals and killer grooves are melted into a modern, extreme and exciting metal witch blending perfectly hardcore and death metal into one. Rick Norman – vocals, Rob Walden (the only left founding member) and Matt Sutton – guitars, Sean Murphy – bass and Benjamin Sutton – drums, not only make another deathcore material, they found enough inspiration and technical resources to put together a brutally brilliant album.
Some slower and quieter breaks, airy passages accentuate the explosive grindings, gives color to the material and Catalepsy managed to avoid all the classic cliches focusing on good themes and song. Even the industrial/dub remix from the end of the album sounds bloody and crushing. This is an excellent album, don’t miss it! Absolute headfuck!

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