Boris – Attention Please (2011)

“Attention Please” is the seventeenth studio album by Boris, released simultaneously with “Heavy Rocks” and it shows the darker, more emotional side of the band. Four tracks, “Party Boy”, “Hope”, “Les Paul Custom ’86” and “Spoon” are different versions of songs from “New Album”, while “Aileron” are a short cut version from “Heavy Rocks”. Also a version of “Tokyo Wonder Land” was previously released on the “Golden Dance Classics” split release with 9dw.
“Attention Please” is the first album on which all vocals are sung by lead guitarist, Wata and features her intimate, multifaceted vocal style. While Boris are widely known for their ability to breach styles and stretch sonic boundaries of all that is heavy, psychedelic and drone music, “Attention Please” are more airy, ambiental-like, cinematic, unexpectedly clean and sparking, but still pretty dark and exploring.

It’s a quite beautiful trip actually, Boris remains surprising, multi-colored, exciting and most of all, expressive. Probably more easier to digest, “Attention Please” still is not what we can label commercial music. They really share deep feelings if you’re open enough to receive.

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