Amorphis – The Beginning Of Times (2011)

Since 1990 Amorphis turned from death metal to folk metal and being through gothic, doom and progressive metal, explored and experimented constantly. “The Beginning Of Times” is another concept album – like the previous three “Skyforger” (2009), “Silent Waters” (2007) and “Eclipse” (2006) – , this time the central character of the songs is Väinämöinen, described by the band as “the iconic hero of Finnish mythology”. Musically, “The Beginning Of Times” is basically heavy metal colored and forged with sometimes quite symphonic taste like progressive, death and folk metal elements, but some moments digging back further to classic taste like progressive hard rock, so, Amorphis bringing together everything what they fans may demand and satisfying all the expectations. I admit, I never was their fan and probably I’ll never be, while up to date my favorite album by them is probably “Am Universum” from 2001.

Track list:

01. “Battle for Light”
02. “Mermaid”
03. “My Enemy”
04. “You I Need”
05. “Song of the Sage”
06. “Three Words”
07. “Reformation”
08. “Soothsayer”
09. “On a Stranded Shore”
10. “Escape”
11. “Crack in a Stone”
12. “Beginning of Time”
13. “Heart’s Song” (Bonus track)

Recorded in January 2011 the album will be released on May 27, 2011 through the German label Nuclear Blast Records.
From where I sit, this is nothing but an absolute professional collection of cliches where Jethro Tull meets Queensryche and In Flames overlapping Iron Maiden… Pretty predictable and boring.

Amorphis – Official Site
Amorphis @ Nuclear Blast (album preview)

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