KMFDM – WTF?! (2011)

It’s been two years since the release of “Blitz” and KMFDM are back now with their seventeenth studio album released yesterday, on April 26. It’s true, meanwhile KMFDM released two compilation albums, “Würst” and “Greatest Shit”. Since Tim Sköld (formerly of Shotgun Messiah) left in 2003 to join Marilyn Manson (he left Manson in 2008 and formed Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult alongside Hank von Helvete), he still had contributed to KMFDM – “Skold vs. KMFDM” released in 2009, completed entirely over the Internet – and since Sascha Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli moved to Hamburg, Germany, it will be the first release entirely without any contribution from Tim. Steve White and Jules Hodgson played guitars and Andy Selway the drums, completing the curent line-up of the band. “What the Fuck?!” still remains fresh, pulsing, intense and exciting. KMFDM is one of the few of this genre of Industrial Metal and Rock/EBM blending which avoiding successfully to repeat them self and becoming boring. 

And while the EBM genere by default its a linear, repetitive and mainly monotone one, the performance of KMFDM is more to appreciate while they managed since 1984 to reinvent them self each time and by each new release. “WTF?!” makes no exception, this is another fine piece of work. So, the fans will devour this one as well, but if by some strange twist of fate you didn’t collide with them before, its really worth to try it. “Krank”, “Rebels In Kontrol” and all the 11 new tracks of these pioneered of the crossover between Techno/Dance and Heavy Metal will rip off your head.

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