Caustic – The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit (2011)

Matt Fanale is a funny guy. Not often you will find sense of humor in music – it seems that is all gone with Zappa…. – and rarely in “serious” genre as noise for example, you’ll find guys with appetite for some fun. Caustic was created in 2002 by Madison, Wisconsin’s Matt Fanale and just like “Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails,” Matt Fanale is Caustic. I stumbled into Caustic in 2009 by his album “This is Jizzcore” and I was positively surprised. Well, not everybody laugh while listening  at „Hitler Ruined That Moustache For Everyone”, „Redneck Pussyhouse”,”This Track Will Get Skipped A Lot”, „I Gave the Blind Boy My Eyes (But Stole His Tongue)”, but humor – just like everything else – after all is a matter of taste. Sometimes Matt get into the area of Noise and Powernoise, this incursions sometimes are quite above my understanding and digestion capacity, but Matt mainly make constructions of classic EBM/IDM with deep resonances of the 80’s American Industrial scene and he make mainly pulsing, groovy themes which are really enjoyable.

“Vagina of Fame and Profit” have a few powerful tracks – “Hiroshima Burn”, “Bulletproof Lolita”, “Generate Chaos (feat. Bitch Brigade)”, “Floor Whore Disko”, “White Knuckle Head Fuck (feat. Faderhead)” – , have experimental noise – “I Play Computer!”, have unexpectedly nice tunes in “Orchid (feat. Unwoman)”, some noise tracks – “Carpe Rectum”, “Darling Nicky’s Gnarly Dicking”,  and generally, this is an intense, groovy, pulsing material with the distinct humor marks of Matt and sense of mixing, twisting, overlapping sounds and layers. So, this is once again Matt, this is pure Caustic, I like it as it is. Just like I like the vagina. 😀

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