Blunt Concept – Society Poetry (2011)

It’s always exciting to discover musics from the other end of the world. Blunt Concept comes from the Philippines and they play a kind of blending between more or less traditional heavy metal and rap metal. Kind of Linkin Park jamming with Iron Maiden from ’80-’82. As its trendy now days, they put two guys at the mic, Lux Ayque and Ramon Garcia, one of them singing, the other screaming, Ayi Ayque plays guitars, Ross Perez bass and Alwin Rojas drums. They say about their self: “The music of BLUNT CONCEPT are representations of poetry, individuality, courage over adversity, love and self respect. The band relates social inequality and real life drama to heavy angry music; expressin’ life struggles against the greedy, fake, vain hypocrites; screamin’ STOP NOW!!! to all the corrupt and judgmental characters of our society.”

“Breaking the Daylight”, “FL 2010”, “Enjoy The Ride” reminds me of Limp Bizkit as well, Blunt Concept have a positive groove and even if “Society Poetry” doesn’t sounds mind blowing, still deliver some good energy. Well, this is a good start and I believe there’s more to come. Check them out! (Join their Facebook or Twitter page and gain full access to their media page to download their album for free!)

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